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Xiaomi Customer Service Rongai Contacts 0703856989, 0723855382, 0780919699, 0102239176

Fill in the form below to Get Xiaomi Smartphone screen replacement and other Smartphone Repair Cost in Nairobi from our Xiaomi Service Center Rongai Kenya, Xiaomi Smartphone Service Centre Rongai Kenya, Xiaomi Screen Replacement Rongai Kenya, Xiaomi service Centre Nairobi CBD.

Xiaomi Rongai Shop Contact  0703856989, 0723855382, 0780919699, 0102239176 , Xiaomi Repair Service Kenya Contacts 

0703856989, 0723855382, 0780919699, 0102239176

NOTE: We shall come to your home, office or at your convenience to repair your device anywhere in Rongai.

Devices not in Nairobi we shall send you to our appointed repair shop nearest to you or send the device via G4S or Securicor to Our Xiaomi Repair Shop in Nairobi.

We are also open weekends Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 7pm