Lenovo Thinkpad Screen Replacement Price in Kenya
Lenovo Thinkpad Screen Price in Kenya

Lenovo Thinkpad Screen Replacement Price in Kenya

Question: How much cost to repair Lenovo Thinkpad Display screen in Kenya

I broke my Lenovo Thinkpad LCD display screen by accident. How much will it cost to replace the screen with a new replacement LCD display screen and fix the Laptop. Can I do this myself?


The cost to repair your Lenovo Thinkpad  screen totally depends on which method you choose to fix it up. 

Few of the methods are like:-

  1.  getting it fixed from authorized Lenovo service center

  2.  or getting it fixed by a local repair shop in your area 

  3. or to do it yourself.

Lenovo Authorized Service Center

The 1st option is to go to Lenovo  authorized  service center. They will charge a hefty amount on the same, but this will ensure 100% genuine replacement screen with a warranty.

Means this is the only method to ensure that you will get 100% genuine original screen and will get some limited time warranty on the part.

Lenovo Local Repair Shop In Your Area

The 2nd option is to go to some local mobile repair shop in your area, where you can get your Lenovo Thinkpad  repaired for a better price deal but this won't ensure good quality part and an unreliable warranty. 

Just make sure that you don't get fooled by a shop who claims to have an original screen for a higher price. Do you really think he can have tie-ups with Lenovo and get original genuine parts from them? 

The only way these shops can have an original screen is if they took out the screen from some other Laptop.

Do It Yourself

The 3rd and the best option is to get a high-quality replacement LCD Screen for your Lenovo from a reliable online store () and get it fitted from the local repair shop for just K Sh 500-1,000.

This way you will get a good quality display screen with good prices and a reliable warranty. You can even try to do this yourself with the help of YouTube videos.

You can also use the phone opening toolkit for Lenovo Thinkpad.

Lenovo Thinkpad Screen Replacement Price in Kenya

As per our research, Lenovo Thinkpad screen replacement should cost something around K Sh 5,500.

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